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Jim Strohm <jstrohm@...>

On Sep 19, 2005, at 9:22 PM, kk bb wrote:

I would be grateful ,if any one could enlighten me on intricacies of hyperthreading technology.I have specific questions,such as

Q:How does Hyper Threading alleviate huge computational issues arising in ERP applications?.

Q How does Hyper Threading technology cost factors affect network implementation?

Q Is Hyper Threading fool proof?
Somewhat off-topic for the group, but ..... for Intel CPUS ...

A: It does not.

A: Cost of new hardware that supports HT.

A: No. XP SP1a allows you to wreak great havoc by mis-setting HT in BIOS. However, XP SP2 will auto-detect HT capability in hardware at boot time.

Other OSes provide only limited advantages with HT, if any. For actual performance increases, the most you'll see is about 10% between HT and non-HT on the same processor and the same application. If you have an HT processor and your OS supports HT, turn it on. In all other cases, turn it OFF.

Trust me on this, I write the technical support bulletins for my company, a Wintel hardware manufacturer. This is the last I'm going to post to the group on this subject. Everybody else, I'll answer in email if you're willing to pay my consultant's hourly rate.



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