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Hi Pat,

At work we buy reflow solder paste in small quantities (sorry I don't have a link handy but you can just google for it) and "reflow" smd chips by attaching onto the pcb first with small bits of paste (this is the hardest part) then heating the board on a hot plate.

At home I have a regular inspection type stereo microscope and solder them by hand with the finest diameter solder and iron tip.  It's pretty easy with this equipment.

Mark - N7EKU

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Hi Paul,

I'd like to know how you intend to solder the 9851 to the adapter. I have the adapter and the 9851 but I'd prolly have to procure an electron microscope to get the job done. Looks like a homebrew reflow oven will have to precede this homebrew DDS.


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Subject: [BITX20] AD9851 DDS chip adaptor
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Hi all, I'm currently building an AD9851 DDS Ver4 as seen on Sunil's site. I have made and populated 2 PCB's (one has 2 PIC chips on and the other is the DDS board) with the exception of the DDS chip which is tiny.

I want to know if anyone could point me in the right direction to purchase a ssop to 28pin DIL adaptor PCB.

I have bid and won two on eBay but from China could take weeks to arrive, I'm want to get this going so was wondering if there was a quicker way?

Thank you all in advance,

Paul M0EME

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