Re: IK3OIL fll board.

Patrick Pugh Sawian

Does anyone have the hex code for this project??


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Looked there, all he has is the info for 5mhz and up, not for the 4mhz

needed for sunils bitxv3.

It annoys me as I did find the info somewhere, it may even have been an old

post in this group but searching so far has come up with nothing.

I did print it/save it/ bookmark it but I'm frantically searching for the

stuff on 3 computers and a stack of paper in the 'Useful information' box.


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Hi George,

Heres a link to his website:

Regards .....Peter GW4ZUA

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Hi guys... Almost finished my bitx20 and I am putting together the IK3OIL
fll board. I did find details for L1/C5/C9 somewhere a while ago and now
that I need them I can't find either the hard copy I made or the original
post that detailed the coil and cap values for the 4mhz vfo.
Has anyone got the info to hand please.

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