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You can use a 2-deck construction and still have everything accessible: if
you use "ugly" and double sided board, you can build on both sides of the
board as if it was single deck. My favourite is probably still modules which
are on small sub-boards perpendicular to the chassis, this way is also very
space efficient and means that you can remove a single module for
modifications/repair. It also provides good inter-stage shielding.

73 Hans G0UPL

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I made a tranceiver named 'Wee Willy', it is for 80 meter band and
operates DSB.
I started with a housing that was too small, added PCB on the bottum
of the housing for easy soldering. because the housing was too small
(that was what I found out during building) I had to build more 3
dimensional then normally done. As long as it works: no problem.
Experimenting: cost a lot of time to remove and rebuild all circuits
in the upper layers, otherwise it is not possible to reach the
components in the lower level...
When you have a defect: the real problem will arrise.
I would not recommend this idea...
Chris, PA3CRX

With "ugly" construction you can be VERY compact, provided you
don't mind
double- or tripple-deckering your components!

73 Hans G0UPL

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