Re: Altoids tin? go small???

Chris van den Berg

I made a tranceiver named 'Wee Willy', it is for 80 meter band and
operates DSB.
I started with a housing that was too small, added PCB on the bottum
of the housing for easy soldering. because the housing was too small
(that was what I found out during building) I had to build more 3
dimensional then normally done. As long as it works: no problem.
Experimenting: cost a lot of time to remove and rebuild all circuits
in the upper layers, otherwise it is not possible to reach the
components in the lower level...
When you have a defect: the real problem will arrise.
I would not recommend this idea...
Chris, PA3CRX

With "ugly" construction you can be VERY compact, provided you
don't mind
double- or tripple-deckering your components!

73 Hans G0UPL

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