Re: Altoids tin? go small???

Rahul Srivastava

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One material I found years ago or chassis and finished boxes is
Aluminum extrusions in square or rectangular shape. I found some
peices 5ft long measuring 2.5"x5" and 3"x4". Very handy for
a box 2.5x5x7 or other lengths.


Dont know how I missed on this one. I have made many SWR bridges in
these extrusions. Thanks will try squeezing one into it.

Plans are as follows:

Bi-directional amplifiers using 1/8w resistors and chip caps on
copper clad laminate.

Miniature Xtals.

7mm coils from defunt cordless phones.

Super VXO with switched xtals.

PA will be mounted to extrusion. Will still have to work on

Some homebrewing for upcoming Pooja (Festival) Holidays.


Rahul VU3WJM

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