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Arv Evans K7HKL <arvevans@...>


I do not mind helping with admin duties if needed.
From work on other forum groups, it seems that admin activities mostly involve the verification and authorization of new members (and very infrequently the removal of a spammer). That I can handle, but the acknowledged technical expert will still be Farhan VU3ICQ.

Opening the forum up for read-only access by non-members might increase the number of lurkers, but it may also stimulate some of them to join the group so they can insert their comments. Allowing Read-only access will also allow hams with web sites to include links to the BITX20 forum and thus drive more interest to our group.

It is interesting to see the different directions that the BITX has taken:
1) Other bands than the original 20 Meters.
2) Band-switched models.
3) Transverter versions
4) VHF versions of the BITX.
5) Very compact designs (i.e. Altoids box chassis).
6) Digital VFOs, VXOs, PTOs, Huff & Puff VFOs, etc.
7) QRPP to QRO models.
8) SSB plus CW, plus PSK/MSK, etc.
9) both ugly construction and PCB based layouts.
10) and all the circuit improvements(?) to the original design.

It will be very interesting to follow the future evolution of this fun radio. We owe a lot to Farhan for starting this project and for making the design available to the rest of us. Thanks O.M.


On Sat, 10 Sep 2005 22:44:47 -0600, Ashhar Farhan <farhan@...> wrote:

i have a couple of suggestions for administeration of this group.
at the moment, hans (the silent lurker, the original bitx procastinator,
the real-soon-now soldering iron maniac) and i 'manage' the group. our
work: we okay every membership application. that apart, there are no
resitrctions on postings, file uploads etc.

however, our group policy is that casual surfers cannot see what we are
upto unless they become members. i am proposing that we allow 'read-only'
access to non-members. the good part is that we will be able to attract
many more builders who land up on our site while surfing. the bad part
will be that many may choose not to be members as they can get information
to get byfrom the group without signing up, so we will lose count of how
many eye-balls we have (as if that matters).

i also propose to add arv as an admin of the group (arv, i know, i didnt
ask your permission on this one. hehe).


- farhan

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