Suggestions for group administration

Ashhar Farhan <farhan@...>

i have a couple of suggestions for administeration of this group.
at the moment, hans (the silent lurker, the original bitx procastinator, the real-soon-now soldering iron maniac) and i 'manage' the group. our work: we okay every membership application. that apart, there are no resitrctions on postings, file uploads etc.

however, our group policy is that casual surfers cannot see what we are upto unless they become members. i am proposing that we allow 'read-only' access to non-members. the good part is that we will be able to attract many more builders who land up on our site while surfing. the bad part will be that many may choose not to be members as they can get information to get byfrom the group without signing up, so we will lose count of how many eye-balls we have (as if that matters).

i also propose to add arv as an admin of the group (arv, i know, i didnt ask your permission on this one. hehe).


- farhan

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