Re: Altoids tin?

Jim Strohm <jstrohm@...>

On Sep 10, 2005, at 10:40 AM, Ashhar Farhan wrote:

the tins at my convenience store were the mini box variety.
it can be done. you will have to shift to a VCO and probably decrease the
power level to a watt or thereabouts.
Hmm, some of us cheat, and place our heatsinks on the outside on the bottom of the tin, and extend control shafts outside the can as well. C'mon, your mic, key, and antenna are on the outside of the tin!

I may try winding the transformers on toroids rather than binocular balun cores -- that'll save me a lot of room if I can get something close to the same impedance. (Hint -- put one winding at the specified number of turns on the balun core and measure its inductance, then match that inductance on the toroid with one winding. Then go bifilar or trifilar. This works about half the time in lo-power networks.) And those faucet washers? More toroids, because I have a deep junkbox thanks to junk computers and telecom gear.

Dead-bug and Manhattan-style construction, with pieces of tin snipped from other Altoids cans, should make this fit.

But it might get be drummed out of the local QRP group, because an Altoid BITX is still phone.


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