Re: 5 mhz vfo?


Hi James
We are working with some Cuban hams using 8.192Mhz xtal filter because I
found an inexpensive source in Ebay I can afford and the level of oscilation
is higher than the other plus the frequency are too close, in 40 meters the
VFO have to work fron 0.8 to 1.192, and the stabilty in high too.
I understand for other band it's not too practical, but meanwhile we are
working the most common band in CO.

2011/7/24 James H <jameshickox@...>


Has anyone built a BITX v3 with a 5 Mhz vfo on the board? I want to use 9
Mhz crystals as my IF (old school I know, but that is what is in the junk

James, AA5AO

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