Re: various squeak flutes that about it do not hear +- 4mhz +-4.2 mhz +-4.3…

Rahul Srivastava

The beat at 4Mhz is normal due to whole number freq of IF and VFO interacting. Other spurrs have not been encountered here in any of the 10 boards made till date.
This indicates probably over driving of mixers possibly due to better devices giving a higher gain in your case.
Rahul VU3WJM

Arjan wrote:

Hello Rahul thank  your answer. I will soon check the vfo and the
bfo signals.  I have tries made various things the antenna entrance
short circuit to earth or love want to remain tune connected remains
works the mixer to earth tones bee. also I an external vfo this
problem. Further as reception rx excellently of the bitx

73 Arjan

--- In BITX20@..., Rahul Srivastava wrote:
> Hi!

> Check VFO and BFO injection levels. It should be aroung 1.5V Pk to
Pk. Also note that Q1 as per V3 layout is 2SC2570A or similar high
Ft device having a different pin out. Rest all are BC547s.

> 73

> Rahul VU3WJM
> Arjan wrote:
> help
> Hello all sorry my engels  is not so good. only I have a problem
and I
> know not how I this on must discharge. I have now my BITX20 built
> the pcb ver3.the rx is excellent but I have as I tune various
> flutes that about it do not hear +- 4mhz +-4.2 mhz +-4.3� Who can
> help whit this problem ???? 
> Arjan
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