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Sorry to hear of your problems. I'm sure you are right to fight for the free
exchange of information.

One possible solution is to use an anonymisation service such as . In this case the URL to the BITX20 group
would become .

I work for a US company. One might expect freedom of information to be
assured. But they insist nevertheless on blocking any website which meets
some criteria of being pornographic, related to betting and gambling, or any
terrorist activity. I don't know if they thought that perhaps we would sit
here in the office in full view of our colleages watching porno movies or
something. Anyway be careful I'm getting on my soapbox here...

To cut a long story short, I had a big battle and I lost, they still refuse
to change it. The battle arrived when I tried to look at the website of
Thomas OZ2CPU, whose excellent web page I have visited
many times in the past. Only to find that it was blocked, with a message
something like "if you feel this web page has been wrongly blocked, please
contact the IT helpdesk". You can contact them as much as you like, and if
they don't feel it is related to your business requirement they won't
unblock it, even if it IS wrongly blocked. A colleague wanted to buy
something from a camping store. Couldn't access it. So had no option but to
take a long lunchbreak of 2 hours, on company time, to visit the store. Even
if it's non-business, it can assist business by making the employee's life

All of which led me to write my own internet browser application, which
enclosed an Internet Explorer component. On coming across the hated IT
helpdesk message, it redirects its enquiry to which
(nearly always) gets the page Ok. This is all done in an invisible way, the
actual real address at is hidden from the user. So I was
able to give the application to my friends in the company to assist them in
streamlining their non-business related activities, in the knowledge that if
the information finds its way back to the IT dept, at least it won't be
instantly evident how it works, though I don't doubt that they would be able
to trace it eventually, having access to everything.

Sorry to have got on my soapbox even though I tried to stay off it - this
issue touches a raw nerve. Good luck with battle which is much more serious
than my little problem here.

73 Hans G0UPL

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for the last 48 hours, has been blocked out by the two
major bandwidth providers to india. most of my internet accounts belong to
isps that in turn take their bandwidth from either of these two (i have

this has been done as the indian govt. asked the isps to block certain a
fanatic group (read 'hate') from being accessed from india. some of us are
fighting this with the govt. and i hope that the access will be restored

until such a time, i cannot see the pictures that are being uploaded
although access the emails (the emails are to and from my server located in
boston). i cannot wait to see all the lovely efforts being made by everybody
and it feels like being left out of the party.

though a number of users have suggested using proxies to gain access to the
site, i want to regain my right to free exchange of ideas and information as
much as i believe the fringe hate group should. the issue has become
significant to a number of us in india.

- farhan

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