Off topic - i am blocked out

Ashhar Farhan <farhan@...>

for the last 48 hours, has been blocked out by the two
major bandwidth providers to india. most of my internet accounts belong to
isps that in turn take their bandwidth from either of these two (i have

this has been done as the indian govt. asked the isps to block certain a
fanatic group (read 'hate') from being accessed from india. some of us
are fighting this with the govt. and i hope that the access will be
restored soon.

until such a time, i cannot see the pictures that are being uploaded
although access the emails (the emails are to and from my server located
in boston). i cannot wait to see all the lovely efforts being made by
everybody and it feels like being left out of the party.

though a number of users have suggested using proxies to gain access to
the site, i want to regain my right to free exchange of ideas and
information as much as i believe the fringe hate group should. the issue
has become significant to a number of us in india.

- farhan

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