Re: 6M power chain working

Rahul Srivastava

A DG MOSFET would certainly be an improvement. I had been thinking on only BJT lines.
Rather than purchase them from mkt I normaly salvage them from old defuct TV tuners. The SMD BF989 or the  2SK series works well in most cases.
Rahul VU3WJM

at a Norton amp as they are quieter for the same BJT
though they tend to run lower gain.  I can get a U310 common gate
fet to a below 1db noise figure and 12db gain with less effort.
However I'd need two stages to overcome the DBM and image filter
losses. Based on earlier work with DBMs at 6m if I want a good NF
and MDS a dual gate MOSFET with around 20db gain is successful. 
The idea is enough RF gain to overcome the image filter and DBM
losses (typically -10 to -12DB) with a little extra. The only
problem is that is a more difficult amplifier due to high gain.
The positive is the IP for a dual gate mosfet is very good for the
power required.


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