Re: question re performance of bidirectional amplifier (corrected)

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Catch up how? I have two 20m SSB home brew radios one being BITx
and the BITx for 6M makes the fifth homebrew for that band alone.
I can add a few tube design I've done as well for HF. I enjoy
building and trying new ideas.

Generally I find Ashar's design a very good one and remarkably
reproducable. It represents a well executed minimalist design
that doesn't require exotic components or as some of us call
"unobtainium", those rare parts that only few can find. When
built with good quality parts and a few minor mods the performance
at 20m is excellent. That and it assembled in a few nights as
ugly form with minimal startup problems is impressive.

It's that reason I built the first BIX as 20M just to see it work.
The second for 6M is an experiment and also because I want a small
transceiver of modest power for portable ops. Besides building for
VHF is interesting for it's own sake.

Then I get into the wish list mods..


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Thanks, Ashar!

I think that Allison might need to catch up to you, too.

The Eternal Squire

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