A tale of two tap washers

Hans Summers <Hans.Summers@...>

...in which G0UPL travels to his local hardware store to further investigate
the nature of the infamous tap washers, and in particular the differences
between ordinary and "delta" washers. Samples were successfully returned to
my office and analysed in the photocopier next to a ruler then via the
scanner ;-)

Attached is a picture. For the benefit of those who don't get emails but
read this on the Yahoo group website, I've put it in the G0UPL photos folder
too. Note: Ruler measurements to the left of the 6 inch mark are in 16'ths,
to the right are in 10'ths.

Both are know as 1/2 inch tap washers but both measure more than 1/2 inch
(12.7mm). As close as I can measure with my ruler:

"normal" "Delta"

Outside diameter: 23/32 (18mm) 19/32 (15mm)
Inside hole diam: 5/32 (4mm) 3/16 (5mm)
Thickness: 5/32 (4mm) 3/16 (5mm)
Price: £0.45 per 3 £0.45 per 2

72/3 de Hans G0UPL

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