Re: question re performance of bidirectional amplifier (corrected)

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1) Checked. These are 10 ohm resistors. I've made 2 stages so far
and had double checked all values of resistors going in.
Ok, there must be something...

2) I had been using 0.1 microfarad (value code 104) for all of the
capacitors of these units.

3) On a hunch that this was a bad type of transistor, I substituted
a 2N2222A transistor. Gain was acutally worse, X6 rather than X10,
so I put it back.
Should have either made no difference or better. Worse is totally

I strongly suspect that whatever mistake I am making, I am making it

Now, the original schematic specifies 220 Ohm emitter bias resistors
in parallel with the emitter degeneration leg, for 2 of these
units. A 440 Ohm resistor is specified for the unit after the
crystal filter.

When you say 440 did you really mean 470? Thats what was on the
original schematics.

Were the original values wrong?
No they are well chosen.

Should I make DC voltage readings and show them to you?
Ok, just the preselector stage. Use the same component call outs
(IE: Q1 and Q13) as I will use the publish drawings.


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