question re performance of bidirectional amplifier (corrected)

eternalesquire <eternalsquire@...>


Thanks for the info re crystals, it will come in handy when I am ready.

Next question: I have now finished building the first bidirectional
amplifier after the preselector. I injected a 3 mV signal at 3579 khZ
in each direction, and got out a 20mV phase-inverted copy of the same
signal when power in the correct direction was applied.

The fidelity is good, but the gain stages are not even a factor of 10.
Is this the expected performance? I am using all parts as specified,
for transistors I am using MPS2222 and for switching diodes I am using

I know these are probably not the best of transistors, but I want to
attempt to duplicate the results per the web article.


The Eternal Squire

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