Re: question about crystal spacing in filter

Rahul Srivastava

Some one once mentioned , thumbrule for xtal matching was within 10% of the required BW. However I try to keep it within 100hz for SSB filters.
Till date all  appear to have worked fine.
Rahul VU3WJM
PS: I make the BFO first and with 33pf in series with xtal measure all available with me. Select ones within 100hz of each other . Take the lowest one for carrier osc for BITX , takes care of xtal pulling.

eternalesquire wrote:

I never saw anything about the original article about this.  I've used
the BFO and a frequency counter to measure all my crystals.  How
closely do they need to be matched for SSB reception?  for CW reception?


The Eternal Squire

P.S.  I am using 10.7 Mhz as the IF

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