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Hi Paul,

Good to see you are keeping the spirit of Gus Briegleb alive with your laser-cut BG12-16s. 😊

Pity you don’t have a full set of plans to copy print at maybe 1:24th scale (approx. 25 inch span) as you could produce a full skeletal version for desktop display. This would be impressive!  (I’d put my name down for one!)

I was given a futuristic stylised trimaran kit at Christmas from my son-in law in Denmark and have to say it was quite therapeutic to put together.   






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From: Paul Jorgenson KE7HR
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I do sell laser cut and engraved products at a local craft show (before the virus...) but have only ever shipped cork coaster sets before - they are difficult to break.  For USA shipping the Large Flat Rate box would be required to ship the un-assembled parts and those cost over $18 today.  With the laser time and materials, I would have to get $40 US to ship one out.  It may be easier to find a maker space locally had have them cut it out...  If someone really wants one, then email me and we can work it out.  ke7hr@...


I did an upgrade.  Well, two upgrades.  V2 has two fuselage parts mirrored to have the engraving (canopy and rudder) be shown on both sides.

V3 is the two sided version super sized to be double the wingspan - 560 mm assembled.  The wing was split and a dovetail was used to join the two wings.  The file has the dovetail made slightly undersized so that filing is needed for a perfect fit.  The double wingspan make for an impressive eye catcher to hang from the ceiling.


Photos shows V1 and V3 sitting next to each other on top of the laser machine.



Paul Jorgenson KE7HR





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