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Terry Kenney

That so cool. You should sell those. I wish I had access to a cutter. I'd do a few more designs like the Woodstock. 

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Nice 🖒

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I had some time (furloughed from work for the virus...) and made a laser cut out version of the BG-12/16 based on the 3-view from the plans.  It is engraved on one side and cut out in three pieces - fuselage, wing, and stabilator.  Slots for the wing and stabilator in the fuselage fit the 2.7mm thick birch plywood that I used on my small CO2 laser (about 35 watts).  The wingspan is 285mm and everything should be to scale.

Photos and SVG file (if you want to cut your own or know someone with a laser cutter) in the appropriate sections of the group web site.


Paul Jorgenson KE7HR

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