Re: Wolfgang Finke (Schweers + Wall) #bemo #finke #schweers #wall


Am 20.08.2018 um 11:47 schrieb keithwwalker via Groups.Io:
Of significance, there are free updates to many of the texts available here:
Just to get a little impression of what they distribute freely, I downloaded the first PDF in the list. It shows the A 201ff of the Br├╝nigbahn. But - sorry - the quality is as poor as any S+W publication.

There you will find the drawings of the A 211-216 with the large windows. Additionally they bought A 181 of BOB and rebuilt it likewise. But this wasn't an exact copy as S+W assumed. The carriage was shorter but the windows wider (1.40m instead of 1.20m).

Once again: don't trust S+W....

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