Berkeley Disaster Preparedness Neighborhood Network (BDPNN)

The Berkeley Disaster Preparedness Neighborhood Network -- or The Network, for short -- online home for individuals and groups residing or working in Berkeley, California, to share information on how to get organized and prepared for natural and other disasters.

The Network was founded in response to a gap in what the City of Berkeley can provide to neighborhoods around disaster preparedness, and it is made up of residents (and those working in Berkeley) of neighborhoods around Berkeley in varying stages of organization. Here is our mission:

The mission of the BDPNNetwork is to assist the neighborhoods of Berkeley to prepare to be effective responders to major disasters by developing their skills, resources, and organized response plans. In support of this mission, the BDPNNetwork will perform the following functions:

1. Establish and maintain communication between all participating groups via our IO (formerly Yahoo) Discussion Group and our website.
2. Assist interested individuals/groups in organizing, and “fizzled” groups in reestablishing themselves.
3. Inform and educate Network participants on issues of concern to them, or on those for which they need to be informed/prepared.
4. Facilitate group ordering of supplies and equipment.
5. Develop uniform best practices and procedures in consultation with the City or other appropriate experts as needed, and share them via online resources.
6. Determine the areas of Berkeley not organized at present and assist these neighborhoods developing a response capability.
7. Assist established groups in spreading their reach into adjacent neighborhoods in order to set up an expanded disaster response capability.
8. Establish an organizational structure, supportable by volunteers, to perform the above functions.

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