Saturday Map Project

Ken Wallis - KM4HOS

Thx Buzz, I'll let y'all know tomorrow night, have a fine, soggy day, Ken


From: "Buzz Kutcher"
To: "Ken Wallis (KM4HOS)"
Cc: "David Burnham (AK4EM)", "Mark Clark (NI2Y)", "Nancy Phillips", "Stachowiak (KW4AQ) Elaine"
Sent: Monday March 23 2020 1:04:49PM
Subject: Saturday Map Project



We can not use the 911 station.  With the construction and the current public health emergency, operating from the Admin Building parking lot is probably not a good idea, unless you get permission from the county.  Maybe you could set up at Nancy’s house.  It’s about the same elevation as the Admin Building parking lot.


I know you want to get this finished but considering the current circumstances maybe postponing it is the best thing to do. 


I’ll be available mobile if you decide to do the check this Saturday.



Buzz, K3GWK




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