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ARRL VE Newsletter - April 13, 2020


ARRL VEC Video-supervised online exam sessions

A very few ARRL VE Teams have successfully conducted in-person exam sessions (following social distancing guidelines) and video-supervised exam sessions using fillable PDF exams and documents. So far, we have found that both types of sessions take our volunteer teams 2 to 3 times longer to conduct, and accommodate fewer candidates than sessions conducted prior to COVID-19. To this point, the video sessions have included only one examinee per session.

We ask the community to be patient with our volunteer teams as they navigate uncharted territory. Please remember, with the introduction of significant new processes such as these, there should be proof of concept, establishment of protocols and procedures, and beta testing before expanding to a larger audience. Video-supervised exam sessions require a different skillset than giving exams in person. Not all teams will be equipped to deliver video exams immediately.

In addition, the ARRL VEC has been investigating options for an online examination system.
Fillable PDFs are cumbersome within a video-supervised exam session process. We recognize that online testing would be a large-scale solution for our thousands of volunteer examiners and would make session procedures easier for our teams, but this will not happen overnight.

The ARRL VEC will continue to adapt and respond to the evolving crisis, as we search for a viable and easy-to-use online examination system and conduct exam sessions in new and innovative ways.


The ARRL VEC Staff is Ready to Serve You

As always, the dedicated VEC staff are here to answer any questions you may have.

ARRL VE toll free number:  1-800-9ARRLVE (1-800-927-7583)
Address:  ARRL VEC,  225 Main St,  Newington CT 06111
Email:  VEC@...
ARRL VEC Fax:  860-594-0339

Maria Somma, AB1FM, Manager
Amanda Grimaldi, N1NHL, Assistant Manager
Stephanie Borden W2MAU, Service Representative
Ann Brinius, Service Representative
Lisa Riendeau, Service Representative
Joshua Nance, Service Representative

We thank you for your efforts and interest in the ARRL VEC program.


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