Re: ARES TX Drill

Mark Clark - NI2Y <mercer17@...>


On Mar 11, 2020, at 18:10, Buzz Kutcher - K3GWK <backacre348@...> wrote:

ARES will be staffing exercise five sites, there are ARES members assigned to each site but we can use more help.  If you are available on Friday morning from 08:00 until 12:00, please contact David, AK4EM, and let him know.  

911 Ham Station: Buzz, K3GWK and Mark, NI2Y
Sylvan Grove Hospital: Dan, W4DED and Elaine, KW4AQ (Skywarn NCS)
Stark Elementary School: Ken, KM4HOS and Mike, AJ4GU
Battle Building/Rufus Auditorium: Nancy, K4NEP and Mark, KM4NRP
BCSS Administration Building (JOC); David, AK4EM

Buzz, K3GWK


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