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Buzz, dat sounds like a 'quotable quote' to me, almost as good as yer 'you can't DO what you don't PRACTICE' quote last year. Sounds like a good idea to me, have a good one, Ken


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K1CE for a Final

University of Mississippi Professor of Emergency Management Mike Corey, KI1U, has consistently recommended that as a collateral part of any amateur emergency communicator's training regimen they should simply get-on-the-air. He is right. Arguably the most critically important asset an ARES or other emergency communications organization member can bring to the table is operating skill. This was brought home to me personally on Christmas Day as I participated in the Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club (Long Island, New York) Christmas Birthday Special Event (K2B). Calling CQ and trying to manage small pileups made me realize that my operating was, well, rusty. At the end of the day, I had gained some of my proficiency back, but I have a ways to go. My New Year's Resolution is to simply operate more. - K1CE


K1CE is the editor of the ARRL “ARES E-Letter” and Mike Corey (KI1U) was formerly the Emcomm guru at the ARRL.  Mike points out an obvious fact that many of us overlook.  To be proficient as communicators we have to communicate. 

73, K3GWK



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