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Thanks. Any QSO results?

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Reckon y'all didn't get my reply to the FD '20 participation email?? May not have counted for anything, but I did put 7 hrs into it. No biggy, Ken

Re: [BC-ARES] Field Day Results?

Tue, Jul 7 2020 9:31 AM

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Attachments (2) KM4HOS FD '20 report.pdf      KM4HOS, FD '20 WL msg traffic documentation.pdf

All, nobody came over to the Flovilla Hilton to play w/ Digital stuff for FD, so I sent the 100 bonus pt Radiogram msg via Winmor to SM, David, AG4ZR, also got his reply. Also sent 11 213's (only 10 needed) to various folks for the 10 pt each bonus pts, for 100 bonus pts total. Forgot to listen for the ARRL msg at 9PM, my bad. Submitted my ARRL FD '20 'entry form' but they didn't accept it, think it may be cuz I just did the 'formal msg's' for club 'bonus' points and didn't make any other contacts. Do we have a Club entry that we could add the bonus pts too?? If not, reckon my 200 pt 'bonus' effort was all for naught. Attached my station rpt and msg documentation. Y'all have a good week, Ken


From: "David Burnham - AK4EM"
Sent: Friday July 10 2020 11:26:01AM
Subject: [BC-ARES] BCARES June Monthly Report

JUNE2020 – The COVID-19 shutdown continues.  Eleven team members attended the monthly ARES meeting.  There were five voice nets and five NBEMS nets held using the WX4BCA VHF repeater.  We are also using the KI4FVI VHF repeater in McDonough to ‘relay in’ KA3SME when conditions are poor and the WX4BCA repeater is not usable for John.  An average of ten operators checked in to the BCARES voice nets and five operators checked in and passed ICS-213 messages during the digital nets.  NI2Y was the NCS for the June nets.  KW4AQ is the designated NCS for July.  Our ARES group continues to support the Butts County DPH, providing communicators for the weekly Public Health DStar Net.  With the shutdown, individual home stations are being used.  KM4HOS, KN4FRG and K3GWK covered all four DPH nets in June.  An average of seven BCARES members checked it to the Sunday WL2K Net.  Net operations are an important part of our on-going training.  Volunteers to be Net Control Stations and Net Loggers are always in demand.  Thanks to Ken, KM4HOS, for his Net Manager reports.  Eighteen team members participated in at least one of the eleven ARES events held in June.  The total individual event hours accumulated in ARES Connect was 198.65 (value: $4,996.05).  June participation: KM4NRP, AK4EM, KM4PKD, NI2Y, AJ4GU, W4DED, KN4RXM, K3GWK, KA3SME, KS4KY, KK4QJR, KN4FRG, K4NEP, KK4BKF, KJ4PLJ, KW4AQ, KM4HOS and KK4GNO. 

Field Day was a little different this year.  The pavilion was closed due to the virus situation so a combined Alpha operation was not possible.  From information gathered, so far, six of our ARES team members participated in some form of Field Day operation.  One Delta appears to be the mode used by our participating members: AK4EM, K3GWK, KA3SME, KW4AQ, KN4FRG (Portable/Rover) and K4NEP (Portable/Rover).  Field Day is supposed to be an Emergency Communications Exercise – this year’s event proved to be just that.  Personally, I enjoyed my solo One Delta operation from my back porch on Saturday and my shack on Sunday.  Nancy and Jeff spent the weekend operating portable and sightseeing in Central Georgia.

With the advent of the new ARES Task Book, it is very important that all ARES members maintain their own file of the FEMA/GEMA IS and ARRL ARES courses they have completed.  Check in to the state ARES database and download your training certificates.  It is recommended that you maintain a digital copy on a thumb drive (or other safe storage location) and also print a copy to keep in your Task Book.  – K3GWK, AEC

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