Re: Butts Co WL chk-ins

Ken Wallis - KM4HOS

No, jez been takin' some 'incoming' outta the Ivory Castle the last month or so, so I fired one back today, sed 'Pls be PATIENT'. Am sure I wuz already 'on their list', but now I'm probly highlighted, in bold print, and underlined. The Geneva Conventions say 'they can kill you, but they can't eat you.' Sooo… it's ALL GOOD. Have a good one, Ken


From: "Buzz Kutcher - K3GWK"
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Sent: Tuesday May 5 2020 8:02:13PM
Subject: Re: [BC-ARES] Butts Co WL chk-ins

Oh No!  Did I forget again?


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From: Ken Wallis - KM4HOS
Sent: Tuesday, May 5, 2020 7:13 PM
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Subject: [BC-ARES] Butts Co WL chk-ins


All, pls remember NOT to send your weekly WL chk-ins to WX4GMA anymore, use KX4MAT and WX4BCA fm now on. I'm startin' to get 'hate mail' fm the Ivory Castle when some of us forget. Have a GREAT 'Covinated' week.



Butts Co Net Mgr


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