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RR. Working.

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Thanks for sending us these links.  San Diego’s ARES team is one of the best in the country.  My EC-01 mentor was the EC there and she was tough – lots of assignments.  A good grasp of Winlink Express is important, WL2K is a primary EMCOMM tool.


Good talking to you last night.  Now get back to work. 😊





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From: Jeff Phillips - KN4FRG
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Subject: [BC-ARES] The ARES E-Letter for March 18, 2020


To all,

Since I am now teleworking, I read the ARRL newsletter and found a very good article and link for the use of WINLINK. It is a series of videos on youtube that explains the use of the system in short takes. The full article and link is below.

Winlink Videos Help New and Experienced Operators

To help Winlink's novices overcome software fright when operating Winlink Express for the first time, San Diego, California ARES created a series of 24 short videos to help newcomers find the right button to click in the Express software menus. The topics of the short videos range in difficulty from simple, such as sending a Winlink email to a Gmail account, to challenging, such as using software tools to locate a neighbor operating in the vicinity.

The 24 videos range in length from one to five minutes and cover the tasks that a deployed operator might be expected to accomplish in the field.

The video content gives operators experience sending messages with and without attachments such as ICS forms. The videos provide tips for creating neatly-formatted, automatically-generated ICS Form 309 Communication Logs for submission to served agency officials.

The San Diego ARES Winlink video playlist is open to the public and can be viewed here. Just in case .


Jeff / KN4FRG




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