Gravel Riding/Racing presentation

Sheri Rosenbaum

As part of my Trek Women's Advocate gig, I've put together an event on Oct 3rd @ 6pm which is open to everyone. Kae Takashita (who many of us know) will be talking about gravel riding and racing which has been growing in popularity. Cyclist are moving to gravel riding to get off busy roads and away from distracted drivers. This past Sunday I did the Dust at Dusk ride out in Oregon which was a blast. There were over 150 riders for this unsupported ride.
The presentation will be held at the Trek Bicycle Store of Highland Park. For details and to reserve your spot see Eventbrite link.


Have you been curious about gravel grinders? There are gravel rides and races popping up all the time. This discipline combines adventure and a sense of community.

Come join us for an evening where you'll learn about gravel bikes and hear from racer Kae Takeshita about her experiences racing Dirty Kanza 200, Barry Roubaix, Land Run 100 and others.

First, discover key features of Trek Bikes (Checkpoint, Domane), OPEN (U.P., U.P.P.E.R. and WI.DE) and some rad custom gravel bikes we at Trek HP have built up for customers.

Then Kae will take the stage and talk about her experiences racing gravel including training, nutrition/hydration, mental toughness and stories from the road. After Kae's presentation, there will be time for Q&A.

A little about Kae:

Kae came to the US alone from Japan at the age of 19. She not only soars on her bike but she also has her pilots license. She currently is a member of the Panaracer/Factor p/b Bicyle X-Change team. Some of her career awards include:

Barry Roubaix, women open 1st (2019)

COG100 Single Speed Iowa Championship - women open 1st (2019)

Dirty Kanza 200 - women open 4th (2019), 4th (2018)

Michigan Coast to Coast - women open 2nd (2019)

Land Run 100 - women open 2nd (2019 and 2018)

Hilly Billy Roubaix, women 1st overall (2018)

Gravel Worlds, women overall 1st (2016)