Re: Hotel for HHH?

Mike McGehee (PBM)



If you will not be doing triathlons or time trials than I would get a road bike and setup with aero bars. The geometry of road bike is far better suited to overall road riding, whereas the geometry of a tri-bike is more suited to time trials.


I would also suggest (if it’s in your budget) to go with electronic shifting, esp if you’re going to be fitting aero bars for the following reasons:

1)      Very little shifting effort versus mechanical and this will help with any hand issue you have.

2)      With Shimano you can have shifters on both the brake levers (traditional) and at the end of the aero bars.

a.       This is how I have my road bike setup.



Mike (PBM)




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Hotel deas? Haven’t ridden this event before.

Also, trying to decide between a new (upgraded) road bike (with aero bars bc/ I have wrist and shoulder issues, and this suited me well last season - got a tri-fit), or a tri-bike (won’t be racing). Ideas? I have a Jamis Nova Race right now. Bought an entry level bike bc I didn’t know if I’d enjoy riding outside (Cars are scary!). I love riding outside! Thinking about Bikesdirectonline or Jensonusaonline.

Your input is welcome. Sorry for monopolizing the airspace tonight.


Patti Haney

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