Upcoming balloon launch

Jared Smith

Hey all! This list has been pretty dormant of late, but Kevin and I
wanted to let you know of an upcoming balloon activity and launch.
This is primarily for hams and their children who have participated in
previous balloon activities, but we'd love to have feedback, helper,
balloon trackers, etc. participate.

We're planning a few meetings for the kids to prep the payload and
learn some skills over the next several weeks (first meeting next
Thursday), with launch planned for Saturday, June 15.

We're going to be flying our standard APRS and fox beacon
transmitters, with a couple HD cameras, but will also fly a LORA
transmitter sending real-time telemetry on 900mhz. We'll be building
self-enclosed LORA receivers for the kids to track and monitor the
payload during the chase. If you'd like the Arduino-based LORA kit
(which will require some assembly, soldering, etc.), let us know ASAP.
Pricing will be somewhere around $50.


Jared (N7SMI)

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