Balloon launch this Saturday? Helium?

Jared Smith

Thanks again to those who helped with the balloon tracking and
recovery last weekend.

If everything comes together and if the weather cooperates, I'm hoping
to try my own launch this Saturday.

Kevin (or others), where do you source the helium from? Do you use the
standard industrial grade helium? Can I just walk into AirGas and get
what I need?

I'm going to float 1 (or maybe 2, depending on my final payload
weight) X 36" mylar balloons. The helium requirement is around 3.5
cubic feet each. So I should be able to do 2 or 3 launches with a Size
20 (20 cubic feet) cylinder.

I'm also designing a new PCB that will act as a shield for the Arduino
Mini. It will have the GPS, transmitter, and charge controller all on
one board and will mate directly with the Arduino via headers - thus
nearly eliminating my need for wires - and greatly reducing the total
payload weight.

I'll keep you apprised of launch details.



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