Re: USU launch Saturday morning

Jared Smith

Thanks to those that helped with the launch and recovery today. It was a great success for the USU GAS team.

Attached are KML files for the estimate and actual. There's also a spreadsheet with the APRS data. We missed only 2 beacons while in flight. At the bottom are charts for altitude and ascent rate. Average ascent rate was 5.03m/s. We'd predicted 4.8 at the last minute - they didn't bring enough helium to the launch site. It started lower than that and ascended at slightly higher rates as it climbed - I suspect due to increased temperatures.

Our descent rate extrapolated to sea level was 6.75 m/s. I'd predicted 8 m/s. So that finally gives us a good target for the 5' parachute - at least with a ~5 pound payload.

Overall, our prediction was VERY close - it landed within .8 miles of our predicted landing spot!

They're looking at another launch or two on the 29th.

My HAB plans continue. I received the new, smaller transmitter board, but it's interfering with the GPS reception. It seems the 25MHz clock generator is sending a signal back down the voltage wire that makes it so the GPS won't get a fix. If I unplug the transmitter, the GPS gets a fix almost instantly. I've tried numerous methods for decoupling the signal, but am not having much luck. I'd be happy to hear recommendations.

The solar charge controller I designed should be here in a week or so. If it actually works, and if I can figure out the GPS conflicts, I should be ready for a launch in a few weeks or so.


On Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 12:39 PM, Josh Jensen <kd7wrc@...> wrote:
I should be able to help. I usually wake up about halfway between launch and burst.


On Jul 13, 2017 09:57, <ag1t@...> wrote:
We won't be able to make it.  We will be out with the scouts hiking from Tony Grove to Bunchgrass that morning.  We will listen for it though.


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