Re: My floating balloon plans

Jared Smith

Gary -

I'd be happy to have you duplicate (or, better yet, improve upon) what I'm doing. If others are interested, it would make sense to combine orders to save on shipping. I'd be happy to coordinate this if others want to give it a go.

Most of the links to what I've purchased are in my Notes document -

You'd need to purchase the following:
  • Arduino Pro Mini ($10 - be sure to get the Arduino version, not a clone)
  • FTDI breakout module ($10 - only need 1 for programming)
  • Si5351A Clock Generator with TCXO ($15 plus $4 for their SMA End Launch Connectors)
  • GPS (~$25 plus shipping from the UK)
  • Supercapacitors ($4.81 each - need 2 per flight)
I have extras of most everything else you'd need and am happy to share:
  • Solar panels - I bought a pack of 100. They are tiny, thin, and very delicate. We'll need 8-10 per flight.
  • Solar panel tabbing wire (for soldering the panels in series)
  • 36 AWG magnet wire for antenna. The minimum I could buy is 3193 feet!
  • Fishing line for tether
  • TMP36 Temp sensors
  • Schottke Diodes (they came in a pack of 50. I bought SMT chips - I'm not sure if/how I'll wire them yet)
  • SMA Dummy load for testing
You'll also need basic Arduino programming/wiring components (micro USB cable, breadboard, jumpers, wire, etc.). And SMA adapters (mated to whatever End Launch Connectors you get) to plug into a 20m antenna for testing. I also bought a cheap high accuracy scale -

I'm still not sure how I'm going to put everything together on the payload. My current thinking is to mount on a small sheet of coroplast or styrofoam. I just need to balance it so the panels face up.

I'd hate for you to get too far along on this if my plan isn't a solid one, but I should know in a week or so if it's going to work. If you want, you could do an APRS version instead of, or in addition to, WSPR. You could also do JT9 or JT65 by changing just a couple variables.


On Tue, Jun 6, 2017 at 7:46 PM, <ag1t@...> wrote:
  If you don't mind, I would like to clone your efforts.  If you would let me know where you purchase your equipment from, I will duplicate your setup and try working the code with you.  That way we can swap notes, etc.
  I hope to better my coding skills as well.  Plus, I could use my set of hardware to do temperature testing etc. against when you feel we are ready for it.

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