PCB designer? Weight issues.

Jared Smith

Does anyone have experience with PCB design?
My balloon payload finalized, I'm now at around 20 grams or so. This is 5 grams heavier than I want for optimal altitude. I can lose unnecessary resistors, etc., but this might gain me at most 1 gram.

My heaviest component by far is the Si5351A breakout board at 5.3 grams - https://www.etherkit.com/rf-modules/si5351a-breakout-board.html You'll notice that it's on a thick PCB, it has 3 outputs (I only need 1), and it has 5v to 3.3v conversion on-board (I'm strictly 3.3v). 

It should be 3.3v and one output only, with header and edge mount SMA pads. On a thin PCB, with 3.3v only and one output (header and edge-mount SMA pads), I think this could come in at 1 gram or less. I think this would be a very popular board that you could make some $$$ off of.

Is there anyone here or do you know anyone that would be interested in this. I'd fund the prototype boards, but need someone smarter than me to do the design. I have the full PCB design files and schematic for 3 different 5v/3.3v boards that would get you most of the way there.

Another possibility to lose weight is to most of my solar cells and add a solar upconverter/charger. It takes 9 panels to make 5 volts. They're very light weight (I think 4.5 grams for the full array - plus I need some infrastructure to keep them in place), but with a 

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