Re: My floating balloon plans

Jared Smith

Josh Jensenwrote:
Are you planning to release the source code as well for public scrutiny?
I'm happy to share with you guys initially. I'd *LOVE* the feedback.
My programming is not real strong (which is one of the reasons I'm
doing this).

If it all works, I'll certainly share publicly on GitHub or elsewhere.
I'm piecing together code from a lot of different sources - I've yet
to find a public repository with code that does everything I need.

I plugged in the Arduino last night and got my temperature sensor
working, so that's a good start. :-) Tonight I'm going to build and
test the WSPR transmitter. Then the GPS, followed by the solar cells
and power management system. Then I'll test A LOT to make sure it
actually all works in various conditions.

One thing I have learned already (the hard way) is to not go with
clone microcontrollers. The clone/knockoff I bought is printed on a
thicker PCB and weighs almost twice as much as the official Arduino
version I have.


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