My floating balloon plans

Jared Smith

Thanks for joining this list. The intent is to provide us a place to
discuss high altitude ballooning.

I'm making plans to launch at least two floating balloons later this
summer. These will be inexpensive, VERY small and lightweight payloads
(around .7 ounce total) with a 20 meter HF WSPR transmitter.
Everything will be controlled via a tiny Arduino micro-controller.
It's solar powered only (batteries are too heavy), so daylight
transmissions only. My goal is to get it to float as far as possible.

My general design is pretty similar to that of HIRFW-6 which has been
floating since September and has circled the globe 20+ times. You can
track it on or at!mt=roadmap&mz=3&qm=All&mc=20.52799,-20.29664&q=hirfw-6

My plans and a schematic are outlined at

I'd be happy to hear your feedback, ideas, warnings, suggestions, etc.
I'm not much of a hardware person, so would love to have you
scrutinize this for flaws or help build it out. I have most of the
hardware already and am starting a prototype now. I'll let you know
how development progresses, and please let me know if you have any



PS - I believe the USU GAS team is planning a launch for this
Saturday. I'll send more details if/when I get them. They likely will
want some help with tracking and recovery.

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