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Berkeley Arts & Culture Hotline (BACHotline) is a resource for local groups and individuals wanting to announce or receive info on art events, festivals, newsletters, press releases, art openings, art jobs, RFPs, or anything else about the arts and culture scene in and around Berkeley.


The BACHotline currently has about 700 people on it who are active in the local art community. If you haven’t been getting this info and would like to be added to the list, please send me an email. Receiving the info is free.


Events should be about arts and culture and take place in or near Berkeley. I reserve the right to refuse a post.  If you are not charging for your event, services, etc. I may post it for free.  Otherwise the options for forwarding your email to this targeted group are:

$5 per post

$25 for 6 unique posts over 2 months

$200 per year for unlimited posts

If you want to send an announcement out you can use Paypal via: and choose which option works for you.  As soon as Paypal notifies me that you have paid, I will forward your notice.   Usually I will send it out within a day or two, however, if it is a weekend or holiday, please give me some lead time.


Send your posting to: Please include a subject line prefaced by: POST to BACHotline.


Attachments don't work very well because people are reading email on their phones and don't open them.  So, when your construct your email, put the flyer or the photo directly into the body.


You may consider adding a special code for ticket purchasers from the BACHotline so you can track the effectiveness of it.


Art Saves Lives!

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