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Created in 2001 as a Yahoo Group, AyrshireBirding is now part of Groups.io, and is for the sharing of bird news within the Ayrshire area*. News of both common and rare birds is welcomed. This forum also welcomes discussion on the identification of birds in Ayrshire, other relevant birding issues, plus other pertinent wildlife, conservation issues and events.


1. Please do not publicise breeding locations of rare or uncommon species, or of those routinely persecuted by shooting and landowning interests.
2. If a rarity is found, please consider potential access conflicts before releasing the information to a wide audience - private message the moderator or better still the local recorder.
3. Please avoid cross posting on very general issues not specific to the area, these can simply be categorised as 'spamming' and will be dealt with accordingly. Please do not include just a hyperlink in posts.
4. Please report all sightings sent to this group in a submission to the local recorder as soon as possible after the end of the year or at various points during the year.
5. Inflammatory remarks and rudeness WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Those deemed to be engaged in this will be banned immediately and future attempts to rejoin will be rejected.

**PLEASE NOTE that as a deterent to spammers this group has restricted membership and all prospective members will require to fill in a section explaining why they wish to join - please make your entry sufficiently detailed otherwise you will not be approved!**

* Ayrshire defined as: the area covered by old established Watsonian Vice-County 75, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watsonian_vice-counties

Ayrshire Recorder (except Arran and Cumbraes):
Fraser Simpson
4 Inchmurrin Drive

Arran and Cumbraes Recorder:
Dr Bernard Zonfrillo
28 Brodie Road
G21 3SB

Please also copy Arran records to Jim Cassels of Arran Natural History Society at jim@arranbirding.co.uk

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