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Please read this carefully - this is essential information to make the most of our forum.

Our original members were on YahooGroups and we all moved here when YahooGroups no longer met our needs.  Please enjoy all our prior content, provided by many members over the years, in this newer, easier to use format, and watch for announcements about the new features and capabilities!    Read on!    -  Rol Murrow, Moderator, December 5, 2019

Group Description

Welcome to the Avion Forum! This site is a source for Avion owners to share their experiences, repair and maintenance tips, and camping and restoration photos with other Avion folks. Our members also help new owners with their questions when they can't find answers in our archives.

Our message archive (the "Messages" tab) is a treasure trove of information about our Members' Avion Adventures as well as how to find parts and fix things. Before asking a question please use the forum messages search function to find how others solved their problems. If you don't quickly find the answer, then please do ask your question in the forum. Please provide a clear subject line and post questions on different subjects in separate messages.  That makes them easier to find in future searches.

Also see these related sites for Avion year and model information, manuals, repair info, etc.:

Silver Avion site - http://www.silveravion.com
Dr. G's site - http://my.execpc.com/~drg/avion.html

There are also several FaceBook pages with various kinds of information, as well as bulletin board sites for Avions, Airstreams, Vintage trailers, and other related topics, where Avion information may be found.

NOTE: in order to minimize spam we must approve new members. Please do join us by following the instructions to become a member and be sure to tell us why you would like to join. You must provide a clear reason for joining the forum to be approved! Thank you for your understanding.

Please also post a message introducing yourself and your Avion year and model soon after joining - we love to hear about new members!

NEW MEMBERS: Please DO READ the welcome message you will receive when you join, and follow our forum conventions. We have guidelines for posting messages, creating photo albums, etc. and it makes our forum really great and searches more successful when members follow our protocols!

Especially remember to sign each message with your name, Avion year and model, hometown, and any other information you wish to add such as tow vehicle, etc.  You can add your signature by writing it each time, or you can set up a permanent signature that gets added each time you post by updating your Member Profile using the "Subscription" tab, or by adding it to your email client, such as Outlook,

We look forward to your participating in our discussions!

Albert, Bill, and Rol


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