This months news and Starcharts

Edwin Rod

Hi Everyone

Please enjoy this months news and star charts, along with lots of interesting news and discovery's.

Research papers

Spin dynamics of close-in planets exhibiting large TTVs

Simulations of Water Vapor and Clouds on Rapidly Rotating and Tidally Locked Planets

Transition from eyeball to snowball driven by sea-ice drift on tidally locked terrestrial planets

Emergence of life in an inflationary universe

Transfer of Life by Earth-Grazing Objects to Exoplanetary Systems

How planetary surfaces can shape the climate of habitable exoplanets

Creation and Evolution of Impact-generated Reduced Atmospheres of Early Earth

Detectability of Molecular Signatures on TRAPPIST-1e

The 3.4 ┬Ám absorption of the Titan's stratosphere

MCMCI a code to fully characterize an exoplanetary system

The Thermal Evolution Of The Early Moon

Long-term Periodicities in North-South Asymmetry of Solar Activity

3D maps of the Magellanic Clouds using Classical Cepheids

Fundamental limits from chaos on instability time predictions in compact planetary systems

Interesting News items

Kiwi astronomers among those worried by Elon Musk's plan to launch thousands of satellites

Alone in a Crowded Milky Way

New Technique May Give Webb Space Telescope a Way to Quickly Identify Planets with Oxygen

Summer weather

Earth-Size Planet in a Habitable Zone