October 2020 News research and Star Charts

Edwin Rod

Hi everyone

Please find this month’s news, starcharts and as always a few of this month’s best research items.


You will be pleased to know the satellite Collison didn’t happen it sure was a nice day so I went out and took a few photos, and I have attached one taken around 2pm at the predicted time of re entery over wellington. There are two really interesting articles to read on the subject. The story behind Donald J. Kessler was very interesting and something I had never read about before.

Again Andrew has a range of interesting updates for us too including looking at Bennu and the sample collection a mission I know he’s been following closely.

If your looking for a full update on the Venus news I have managed over the last month to collect up all the bits of research on the phosphine discovery but top of the list are suggestions that the measurement was an error. Either way a new mission back to Venus is needed to study the clouds and map the surface in detail.

Remember it’s the Astrophotography camp in November and I’m hoping to make it along for one night.

Thanks Edwin

Research papers

Which Stars can see Earth as a Transiting Exoplanet

Coupled Day-Night Models of Exoplanetary Atmospheres

In Search for a Planet Better than Earth superhabitable worlds

Solid tidal friction in multi-layer planets

Hot Exoplanet Atmospheres WASP-121 b

a targeted SETI strategy that avoids the SETI Paradox

Temperature Evolution and Habitability Impacts of Dozens of Superflares Observed Simultaneously by Evryscope and TESS

Status of the SPARC Physics Basis

Moderate-Resolution K-Band Spectroscopy of Substellar Companion ? Andromedae b

Earth as an Exoplanet

Gravitational wave lensing beyond general relativity

Refining the transit timing and photometric analysis of TRAPPIST-1

Multiple subglacial water bodies below the south pole of Mars unveiled by new MARSIS data

The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs.

A terrestrial-mass rogue planet candidate detected in the shortest-timescale microlensing event

Effects of the Planar Galactic Tides and Stellar Mass on Comet Cloud Dynamics

Lunar Opportunities for SETI

Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter

Electrostatic lofting of dust grains from the surfaces of Thebe and Amalthea

Rapidly Spinning Compact Stars with Deconfinement Phase Transition


Venus No statistically significant detection of phosphine

A stringent upper limit of the PH3 abundance at the cloud top of Venus

Phosphine on Venus Cannot be Explained by Conventional Processes

A Precursor Balloon Mission for Venusian Astrobiology

Might active volcanisms today contribute to the presence of phosphine in Venus's atmosphere?

On The Biomass Required To Produce Phosphine Detected In The Cloud Decks Of Venus

Authors: Manasvi Lingam, Abraham Loeb

Feasibility Analysis and Preliminary Design of ChipSat Entry for In-situ Investigation of the Atmosphere of Venus

Transfer of Life Between Earth and Venus with Planet-Grazing Asteroids

Phosphine as a Biosignature Gas in Exoplanet Atmospheres

Looking for pieces of Venus? Try the moon

Detection of simplest amino acid glycine in the atmosphere of the Venus

Interesting News items

STARDATE MARS. Fri 16 to Sun 18 October 2020. Phoenix Astronomical Society. Talks and telescope viewing at Stonehenge Aotearoa
(near Carterton) – with a focus on Mars! Contact The Phoenix Astronomical Society secretary - secretary@... .

NZ ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY WEEKEND. Fri 13th – Sun 15th November 2020. Shed new light on your astrophotography with some
of New Zealand’s top astrophotographers! Foxton Beach Camp, Foxton Beach, Horowhenua. .

CENTRAL STAR PARTY. Thu 14th – Mon 18th January 2021. Four days/nights of tenting/bunk rooms, excellent astronomy talks and
telescope viewing! Tuki Tuki Camp site, 70 Moore Rd, Haumoana, Hawkes Bay. .

STARDATE – SOUTH ISLAND. Waitangi weekend, Fri 5th -Mon 8th February 2021. Staveley. Keep an eye on

STARDATE. Fri 12 and Sat 13 February 2021, at Stonehenge. Phoenix Astronomical Society. Contact secretary@...

Earth-like Planets often come with a bodyguard

The current state of space debris

The Elusive Peril of Space Junk

Tasmanian devils return to mainland Australia for first time in 3,000 years

How America Lost 200,000 Lives to Covid-19

2020 New Zealand Astrophotography Competition Entry movie

Where in the world will the next epidemic start?

Meet the bright people behind the Wairarapa dark sky reserve bid

Daylight savings