July 2020 Starcharts News and research

Edwin Rod

Hi Everyone


Please find this month’s newsletters and starcharts attached  

Another month with life here in New Zealand returning to normal post lockdown.

However things around the world and close to home in Melbourne/Victoria the situation isn’t looking good.


There has been another interesting month of research and news to read, a special thanks to Andrew in the UK for his updates on most of the months top interesting news items I’ve included them in usual attachment. There is an interesting look at rocks in Australia and how this can help research similar rock types on Mars this would be an interesting place to do geology. There is also a look at Tides on Titan another look at Europa. As always if you’re interested in exo planets there are a few to read too.

It sure has been a busy month.

Cheers Edwin

Research papers

Relaying Swarms of Low-Mass Interstellar Probes

Effect of Sea-ice Drift on the Onset of Snowball Climate on Rapidly Rotating Aqua-planets

Regional study of Europa's photometry

A playable package for modeling interstellar chemistry

Estimating survival probability using the terrestrial extinction history for the search for extraterrestrial life

Ancient Australian Rocks and the Search for Life on Mars

A pole-to-equator ocean overturning circulation on Enceladus

The role of clouds on the depletion of methane and water dominance

Predicting the long-term stability of compact multiplanet systems

Habitability Models for Planetary Sciences

Water transport throughout the TRAPPIST-1 system

The Dynamic Proto-atmospheres around Low-Mass Planets with Eccentric Orbits

Atmospheric Erosion by Giant Impacts onto Terrestrial Planets A Scaling Law

Unexpected Circular Radio Objects at High Galactic Latitude

A review of possible planetary atmospheres in the TRAPPIST-1 system

Terrestrial Planets Comparative Climatology (TPCC) mission concept

Worlds without Moons Exomoon Constraints for Compact Planetary Systems

Human Assisted Science at Venus Venus Exploration in the New Human Spaceflight Age

Tidal Currents Detected in Kraken Mare Straits from Cassini VIMS Sun Glitter Observations

The Venus Life Equation

planetary atmospheres and their link to the stellar environment

Dyson Spheres

JWST Transit Spectra for Cloudy Exoplanets

Ocean Worlds Exploration and the Search for Life

Interesting News items

Native South Americans were early inhabitants of Polynesia

Did ancient Americans settle in Polynesia? The evidence doesn’t stack up

Wai-iti stargazing site receives international Dark Sky Park recognition