This months news and star charts - Dec 2019

Edwin Rod

Hi everyone

Please find this month’s research and news items attached below, along with the star charts too.


It’s almost the summer solstice, but far from it here in Wellington tonight!

We had a week of hot weather that was very humid and now cool south-westerly! Forget seeing the stars for a while here!


If you happen to be in Nelson over the holiday break this sounds great.


Rocket Lab is building a second launch pad.

The Benefits of a dark sky reserve in the Wairarapa

700 extra jobs - Times Age


I’m interesting to read the one on Exo moons tonight, and as always there is a range of interesting things to catch up on. A look at the evolution of the solar system, and again some interesting papers on exo planets and Red Dwarfs, along with a look at quantum mechanics.

Andrew also has a few updates I have included as well looking at Mars and other subjects.

I hope you all have a great holiday and Christmas break

Cheers Edwin

This months research

Hidden Planets Implications from Oumuamua and DSHARP

The Search for Living Worlds and the Connection to Our Cosmic Origins

HERITAGE a Monte Carlo code to evaluate the viability of interstellar travels using a multi-generational crew

Revisiting the cosmic-ray induced Venusian radiation dose in the context of habitability

The Transits of Extrasolar Planets with Moons

Photometry of an unusual small distant object 2016 ND21

Distribution and Energy Balance of Pluto's Nitrogen Ice, as seen by New Horizons in 2015

Atmospheres for Potentially Habitable Environments on TRAPPIST-1 Planets

retrieving exoplanet atmospheric winds from high-resolution spectroscopy

Simulated Direct Imaging Detection of Water Vapor For Exo-Earths

Future stellar flybys of the Voyager and Pioneer spacecraft

Habitable Age Instead of Location for Terrestrial Worlds

Climate bistability of Earth-like exoplanets

Do the TRAPPIST-1 Planets Have Hydrogen-rich Atmospheres?

Detection of a wide orbit planetary mass companion to a solar-type Sco-Cen member

Why Are We Obsessed with "Understanding" Quantum Mechanics?

Can close-in giant exoplanets preserve detectable moons

A record of the final phase of giant planet migration

"Identifying Candidate Atmospheres on Rocky M Dwarf Planets via Eclipse Photometry," Daniel D. B. Koll et al., 2019, Astrophysical Journal [, preprint:].
* "Identifying Atmospheres on Rocky Exoplanets Through Inferred High Albedo," Megan Mansfield et al., 2019, Astrophysical Journal [, preprint:].
* "Analyzing Atmospheric Temperature Profiles and Spectra of M Dwarf Rocky Planets," Matej Malik et al., 2019, Astrophysical Journal [, preprint:].
* "A Scaling Theory for Atmospheric Heat Redistribution on Rocky Exoplanets," Daniel D. B. Koll, 2019, Astrophysical Journal [, preprint:].