Neptune, Oct 21 R+IR From Antony

Edwin Rod

Hi everyone, reasonable seeing for a while last night made it possible
to capture some data on Neptune spanning just under an hour, and showing
some features in motion. Attached is both the single combined image
(combining nearly an hours worth of data) and also an animation blinking
the first and last images from the set to show movement. The images are
false-coloured to highlight the brighter features, a lot of image
enhancement has been applied so these may in reality be quite faint and
low contrast.

There seems to be a feature up in the northern hemisphere close to the
limb that is clear to see moving over this elapsed time, and also
something in the southern hemisphere close to the south pole but it's
not well defined.

Note the orientation is different between the two images - the WinJupos
combined image has rotation axis vertical, where as the animation is
made from raw data and preserves the original rotation axis, please
refer to insets for each.

In all cases Triton has been included for reference.


Combined image:


regards, Anthony

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