Mars Perseverance Rover - An Update from Andrew B

Edwin Rod

Hi Everyone

Andrew has put together a range of images and links from the Perseverance Rover, as always he finds the best images and links. I always do enjoy his updates.

I personally was luck enough to watch live around 10am NZT last Friday morning.

Anyway I'll let you enjoy the images and links from Andrew Below

Cheers Edwin

Hi everyone,

Need not say much about this, other than WOW.

Descent highlights.

Mars Perseverance Rover up looking camera sees parachute deployment about 12,000 metres above Mars.

Parachute opened in about 0.7 of a second with the speed of descent at about 2,000 KPH / 1,242 MPH.
High resolution images.

12,000 metres / 39,370 feet above the surface of Mars over Jezero Crater, Syrtis Major Quadrangle.

First 360 degree panorama in vastly better resolution. A four times higher resolution view will be made available in due course.
Mars Perseverance Rover. Jezero Crater, Syrtis Major Quadrangle.

NavCam / Navigation Camera.

NASA / JPL-Caltech. Mars Perseverance Rover.


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