September 2020 News and research items

Edwin Rod

Hi everyone

Please find all the usual, starcharts and newsletters attached along with some research papers too. With the news about Phosphine in the clouds of Venus I have added in some good ones on Venus for you to have a look at and read. Again Andrew has provide us with some great updates and there are lots of links to have a look at. Due to not feeling to well over the weekend I haven’t been able to do much of a write up on Venus myself this month but Paul Gilsters article provides a great overview and detail as always.

Anyway enjoy

Thanks Edwin

Research papers

On The Biomass Required To Produce Phosphine Detected In The Cloud Decks Of Venus

Authors: Manasvi Lingam, Abraham Loeb

Feasibility Analysis and Preliminary Design of ChipSat Entry for In-situ Investigation of the Atmosphere of Venus

Transfer of Life Between Earth and Venus with Planet-Grazing Asteroids

Seeing above the Clouds with High Resolution Spectroscopy

Estimating the Ultraviolet Emission of M dwarfs with Exoplanets from Ca II and Ha

Water Vapor and Clouds on the Habitable-Zone Sub-Neptune Exoplanet K2-18b


Accretion disk's magnetic field controlled the composition of the terrestrial planets

Stellar Flares versus Luminosity XUV-induced Atmospheric Escape and Planetary Habitability

A kilometer-scale asteroid inside Venus's orbit

Direct characterization of young giant exoplanets at high spectral resolution by coupling SPHERE and CRIRES

How massive can a black hole be? This study asked that question and takes a look at how many there could be.

Black holes – Do they grow stupendously large?

Constraints on Stupendously Large Black Holes

Direct Imaging Discovery of a Young Brown Dwarf Companion to an A2V Star

The High-Energy Radiation Environment Around a 10 Gyr M Dwarf

Utilizing a Database of Simulated Geometric Albedo Spectra for Photometric Characterization of Rocky Exoplanet Atmospheres

Cryogenic Cometary Sample Return

Habitable Zones in Binary Star Systems

The Equatorial Jet Speed on Tidally Locked Planets

A Recipe for Geophysical Exploration of Enceladus

The effects of granulation and supergranulation on Earth-mass planet detectability

Lithologic Controls on Silicate Weathering Regimes of Temperate Planets

Evolution of the Earth's Polar Outflow From Mid-Archean to Present

The impact of the planetesimal surface density in the terrestrial planet zone

Alien skies

Interesting News items

The British Astronomical Association (BAA) did a webinar about Comet NEOWISE a few days ago. It can be seen on YouTube at -

Camera retailer who swindled more than $100,000 from customers jailed

Gobekli Tepe: The world’s first astronomical observatory?

Dark sky reserve moving forward

Dark Sky Maps

New Zealand Tasmanian tiger pelt provides DNA of extinct marsupial

A Supercomputer Analyzed Covid-19 — and an Interesting New Theory Has Emerged

A mechanistic model and therapeutic interventions for COVID-19 involving a RAS-mediated bradykinin storm

Intensive Care Unit Admission and Mortality Among Patients Hospitalized for COVID-19

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