May 2020 News skycharts and research papers

Edwin Rod

Hi everyone


Another busy month and here in New Zealand things seem to be getting back to life as normal and were looking at moving down to level 1 next month.

Lots of interesting research this month, from a looking at the outer solar system small objects to research on the proposed “Planet 9”. Again there is some interesting ones looking at exo planets and solar system dynamics.

Anyway I’ll leave you all to read the ones that interest you most

Cheers Edwin

Research papers

Tidal evolution of exoplanetary systems hosting Potentially Habitable Exoplanets

The Effect of Seafloor Weathering on Planetary Habitability

The large Trans-Neptunian Object 2002 TC302

instantaneous incoherent speckle grid for high-precision astrometry and photometry

Stellar Variability in a Forming Massive Star Cluster

The Discovery of the Long-Period, Eccentric Planet Kepler-88 d

Constraining the final merger of contact binary(486958) Arrokoth

Two examples of how to use observations of terrestrial planets

Earths in Other Solar Systems N-body simulations

World ships Feasibility and Rationale

Further constraining the Planet Nine hypothesis with numerical simulations

Dark Energy Survey's extreme trans-Neptunian objects

The Brute-Force Search for Planet Nine

Biosignature Surveys to Exoplanet Yields and Beyond

Snow-lines can be thermally unstable

Wide band, tunable gamma-ray lenses

The occurrence rate of exoplanets orbiting ultracool dwarfs as probed by K2

Testing Earth-like atmospheric evolution on exo-Earths

Laboratory studies on the viability of life in H2-dominated exoplanet atmospheres

Thermodynamic and Energetic Limits on Continental Silicate Weathering

Switching LPS to LED Streetlight May Dramatically Reduce Activity and Foraging of Bats

Dynamical effects on the habitable zone for Earth-like exomoons


Interesting News items

On Inspiration, Astrobiology, and the Origins of Life in the Universe: An Interview with Haritina Mogosanu

Dock at the ISS

An Alternative to Planet 9: Maybe There Is Nothing Special


Zealandia: Earth’s Hidden Continent

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